A server cannot be destroyed by installing cards in it. If the Corporation installs a card in or protecting a server and trashes all the other cards in or protecting the server while doing so (such that the newly installed card is now the only card in or protecting the server), then it is still the same server and not a new one.


Suppose Turtlebacks are installed and rezzed, and that I have a second remote server which is empty (only ice).

I install a new piece of ice protecting that remote, trashing all the ice already installed. Do I get 1 credit from Turtlebacks, because the server ceased to exist as soon as there were no cards in or protecting it?


Tybb-sly The server does not cease to exist because it is being worked on. It is impossible to destroy a server by installing cards.


Posted to Board Game Geek by Harris Enniss on June 12, 2014

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