3Credit.png: Break ice subroutine on a piece of ice with 0 or less strength.
1Credit.png: Ice has -1 strength.
1Credit.png: +1 strength.
Fire and ichor...

Wyrm is an AI icebreaker that, once of equal or greater strength to encountered ice, can lower the strength of that ice in addition to breaking its subroutines. It has three abilities.

Triggered Ability - Paid
Cost : Effect
3Credit.png Break 1 subroutine on any subtype of ice that has 0 or less strength
Triggered Ability - Paid
Cost : Effect
1Credit.png Lower the strength of the currently encountered ice
Triggered Ability - Paid
Cost : Effect
1Credit.png Give Wyrm +1 strength



You need to match the strength of the encountered ice before you can lower that ice's strength.  You may wonder why you'd want to lower that ice's strength, once you've already matched it.  One reason is to then use other low-strength icebreakers on that same piece of ice. Another is to use Parasite to trash the ice once its strength reaches zero, so you can use Wyrm to speed up Parasite, in effect.


Page 5, Column 1, Paragraph(s) 9, FAQ
The Runner can only use Wyrm to lower the strength of a currently encountered piece of ice, and only if Wyrm is of equal or higher strength than that ice.
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